Energy Efficient Hot Water – Ideal for Apartments

There are many examples that demonstrate evolution in the development and building phase of an apartment block. The way utilities are installed, the overall use of space, and the increase in demand for energy efficient services are just three examples. Convenience without compromising on quality is at the cornerstone of many of these changes. For apartment developers and builders seeking a high-quality system to generate energy efficient hot water, discover the superior water heating service available from MicroHeat. We offer a number of high efficiency water heating system configurations that offer a wealth of benefits.

Benefits of a MicroHeat Energy Efficient Water Heater

Whether you opt to install a single phase or a three phase electric water heater (single phase is typically better suited to low flow hot water environments), there are numerous benefits not only for the end user but for the builder and developer as well. Our high efficiency electric water heater is relatively compact so won’t take up a lot of space. As it runs on electricity, you won’t require a gas line to power the delivery of energy efficient hot water. Both the single and dual installation systems are easy to install, meaning less labour as well as reduced infrastructure needs.

Choose the Smart Option for Your Apartment Development Project

When it comes to installing high efficiency water heating systems to future-proof your current development project, choose the smart option and select MicroHeat. Give us a call on (03) 9545 0722 or email to learn more.

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