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Instant Water Heater for Sink

An on demand under sink water heater is a compact device that can be mounted onto a sink to supply a limitless amount of instant hot water whenever the faucet is turned on. Users won’t need to wait for the water to heat up before it pours out into the sink.

For commercial, industrial and public facilities where there are multiple wash basins available for daily use, it’s important that there are advanced on demand under sink water heaters in place to ensure that the room remains energy efficient and cost-effective. You want an instant water heater for sink unit that provides the room with continuous running hot water day in, day out.

If you’ve thought about installing an instant hot water heater for a sink, MicroHeat specialises in the supply and installation of advanced under sink electric tankless hot water heaters for rooms with wash basins in and around Melbourne. Our extensive range of instantaneous water heater under sink units are all impeccably designed and made to the highest standard possible. Boasting a unique set of benefits, you’ll wonder why you didn’t have one installed sooner.

The Benefits of Using MicroHeat Advanced Water Systems

Perfect for heating up water for single or multiple wash basins are the single and tandem unit installation under sink hot water heater tankless units from MicroHeat. The CFEWH series 1-10P (Premium) single installation model comes with the ability to set the temperature anywhere between 20 and 50 degrees Celsius, while the water temperature for the 1-10S (Standard) model cannot be set by the installer; only by the user when operating the taps. Our advanced electric under sink water heater systems heat water directly rather than using a traditional heating element, providing you with a more energy efficient solution that won’t take up unnecessary space on your premises.

How a Tankless Water Heater for Sink Works

When the faucet is turned on, cold water will come out of the water pipe and go through a heating component that is activated when the water starts flowing. The water will heat up straightaway as it goes through the insta hot washing system.

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MicroHeat specialises in the supply and installation of advanced water systems for everything from hospitals and corporate office buildings through to schools and other large scale premises across Melbourne. If you would like to discuss your electric under sink water heater needs with us, call us on 1300 981 325 or email info@microheat.com.au.

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