MicroHeat Underfloor Hydronic Heating Applications

Underfloor Hydronic Floor Heating

All MicroHeat CFEWH Single Phase and Three Phase Water Heating products can be used in Underfloor hydronic and above floor hydronic applications

MicroHeat units can be be installed in the underfloor or above floor hydronic heating circuits as the water heating method. This method eliminates the need for external cold water mixing as per other solutions such as gas heaters/heat pumps and solar hot water solutions.  Providing accurate temperature control that delivers the temperature required in the reticulated circuit by digitally controlling the power accordingly ensuring a safe and reliable, zoned hydronic system.

The installation pictures below were with a Warmboard-r overlay on concrete, then floating board installed over the warmboard.

Key advantages of what MicroHeat was able to supply to the project was as follows:

  • Superior reticulated circuit temperature control
  • Comfort control – heat only where and when needed
  • Energy use 100% optimised
  • No standby energy losses, only heats when needed
  • No reticulation energy/heat loss as the heat source is point of use to the hydronic circuit.
  • Reduce hydronic heating infrastructure costs
  • Ease of installation – in a cupboard, no venting required
  • Low maintenance, easy to monitor

Give us a call about our innovative Hydronic water heating solutions in both Single Phase and Three Phase solutions when you are looking at designing your next hydronic heating circuit.