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Instant Hot Water Systems for Homes

If you’re looking for the most efficient hot water heating system that you can count on to supply and heat up water whenever you need it, MicroHeat is the best choice. We stock a huge range of the best hot water heating systems for homes that you can find anywhere in Australia. We’ve been providing Australian homeowners with these systems for many years now, and we can help you find the right house water heater system for your property.

One of our licensed plumbers can come to your property to install an instant water heater for kitchen sinks, bathroom basins, laundry basins, or elsewhere on your property. No matter what your water heating needs are, you can rely on us to supply you with an instant hot water whole house system that’s perfect for you and your family’s hot water needs.

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Do you want to buy an instant hot water whole house system that will fulfil all of your hot water needs? If you have any questions about our instant hot water systems for homes, please give MicroHeat a call on 1300 981 325 or enquire online today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a house water heater system to supply hot water to my whole house?

Yes, you can, and MicroHeat can help you select the right hot water system for your house. One of our plumbers will come to your property and recommend suitable whole house water heating solutions to determine which one is right for you and your household.

How do I determine the right hot water system for my house?

MicroHeat offers customers both centralised and point-of-use whole house water heating solutions. No matter which option you prefer, we can recommend the most efficient hot water heating system that will help you save money on both water and energy.

Will I still be able to have a hot shower with a new system?

Yes. Our plumber will ensure that your instant hot water whole house system is installed properly to ensure you’ll still easily be able to have a hot shower whenever you want.

Are these systems expensive to install?

Not at all. MicroHeat’s instant hot water systems for homes are not only competitively priced, but their simple-to-install design also makes any disruptive and expensive plumbing work unnecessary.

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