About MicroHeat

MicroHeat Technologies is a visionary Australian-owned company that is leading the way in the advancement of new and exciting technologies to solve age old problems related to efficient, cost effective and safe electric energy exchange in key global industries such as Consumer water heating, Electric Vehicle Thermal Management and Drinking Water Disinfection.

In Water Heating MicroHeat has successfully set new benchmarks by delivering market leading energy efficiency, water usage efficiency, water temperature stability and installation flexibility compared to other products in the Electric Instant water heating class. The Continuous Flow Electric Water Heater (CFEWH) range in both Single Phase and Three Phase power options, incorporates the patented MicroHeat Technology. The tankless/instant CFEWH products have been successfully installed all across Australia into both residential and commercial sectors and MicroHeat is expanding its product sales into the USA and UK markets.

In Electric Vehicle Thermal Management MicroHeat technology offers a more versatile and effective solution for electric vehicles to heat coolant transferred to key vehicle components, to maintain optimum operating temperatures, particularly in very cold climates. Efficient Electric Vehicle Thermal Management is being recognised globally as an imperative due to range reduction, battery life and overall vehicle performance. MicroHeat Thermal Management strategy increases thermal management efficiencies, reduces overall coolant heating system components and costs, thereby delivering key component operational longevity, and increasing critical available driving range in both cold and warm climates. The MicroHeat Electric Vehicle High Voltage Coolant Heater product is itself lightweight, holds less fluid volume and provides more accurate temperature control, faster fluid heat up time, while maintaining controlled steady state circumstances that ensures a more efficient thermal management solution than anything else on the market today.

In Drinking Water Disinfection MicroHeat is developing a new breakthrough that has the capability to kill bacteria (bactericidal) , and viruses (virucidal). In addition, the technology is effective in the eliminating spores and cysts instantly and cleanly.

With MicroHeat’s Water Heating products already introduced into Global markets and with the ongoing development of the technology platform into Electric Vehicle Thermal Management and Water Disinfection, MicroHeat is well positioned for continued growth.

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