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Commercial Instant Hot Water Systems for Aged Care Facilities & Hospitals

Australia has an ageing population, so it’s important that we have the necessary facilities to take care of our elderly community. The importance of having a safe and continuous hot water service at all aged care facilities and hospitals cannot be understated, as hot water is used for a vast range of purposes. Some facilities, however, run on outdated, unsafe and inefficient commercial hot water systems that don’t offer the safety, performance or reliability required for residents and staff.

MicroHeat commercial electric hot water heaters for aged care and hospital facilities provide instantaneous running hot water that is highly energy efficient and safe to use – the solution your hospital or aged care facility needs. We understand how critical it is that every hot water system for hospitals and aged care facilities that we design must be safe to use, boast excellent energy efficiently, and provide a reliable source of hot water. An instant water heater for hospitals and aged care centres will provide the right amount of water that you need at your preferred temperature.

If space is limited at your facility, that’s no problem. We can install a commercial tankless water heater for hospitals and aged care centres where space is an issue. We can supply you with an electric tankless water heater for hospitals and aged care centres that will fulfil your specific water volume and consumption needs.

Safety First With Our Commercial Water Heater Units

Hot water safety is paramount, especially in an aged / health care environment, which is why it’s so important to be able to confidently set different maximum temperatures for different needs. The MicroHeat CFEWH range of commercial tankless water heater appliances for hospitals and aged care centres enables the installer to preset the temperature between 20 and 65 degrees Celsius, so you can set the regulated temperature of 43-45 degrees Celsius for the residents’ showers and hand basins to be accurately set. You can also set warmer temperatures for the staff kitchen if necessary. Our commercial electric tankless water heater for hospitals and aged care centres are also compact in size and can be installed at point of use, meaning you can access the heated water more quickly and efficiently. It’s the energy efficient hot water solution you’ve been looking for.

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MicroHeat specialises in the supply and installation of commercial electric hot water heaters for aged care facilities and hospitals across Melbourne and Australia. To upgrade your existing systems with instant hot water systems for aged care and hospital facilities, give us a call on 1300 981 325 or email

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