Continuous Electric Hot Water for Office Buildings

Continuous running hot water is essential for office buildings of any size, whether it’s a single storey premises in the suburbs or a multi-storey building in the central business district. The multitude of ways in which it is used, from the kitchen and the bathroom through to cleaning purposes, means it’s an essential requirement that can be needed at any time of the day. Many office complexes are burdened by outdated and inefficient office water heating technology that does not offer the level of performance they need.

But with a MicroHeat continuous electric hot water heater, you can enjoy instantaneous hot water when you need it. We can supply a simple-to-use tankless water heater for your office that will fit under most benches and meet all of your business’s water related requirements. Every electric continuous flow hot water system for office use that we design can be used in many different professional environments for various water heating applications. Whether you’re thinking about getting an electric water heater for your office, showroom or any other type of workplace you operate in, MicroHeat has the perfect system for your needs.

How Does MicroHeat Differ from Other Office Water Heaters?

A MicroHeat hot water system for office applications doesn’t use a heating element to generate hot water; instead, it uses direct energy technology that provides a more energy efficient alternative by converting all electrical energy into heat and heating the water molecules from the inside out. These units only heat up the amount of water that you need rather than having to constantly heat up a full tank. It provides quicker heating times as well, so you won’t be wasting water as you wait for your office water heater to warm up.

Our continuous electric hot water heaters for office use are compact in size and can typically be installed at the point of use. They are easy to use and require very little maintenance. Head to our products page to learn more about our available electric hot water heaters for office use in greater detail.

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