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A technology solution for water disinfection through Electrochemical removal of Bacteria and Viruses

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The disinfection of water used for drinking is a worldwide procedure that is conducted to eliminate microbial contaminants. Since water treatment companies started conducting disinfection of water, there has been a significant decrease in waterborne infectious diseases that have posed a threat to public health for many years, such as E.Coli, salmonella, legionella, viruses and spores.

However, despite advances in global sanitisation and the chemical treatment of water, WHO (the World Health Organisation) have identified that there are 187 countries in the world where water used for drinking and bathing is deemed unsafe due to contamination from bacteria, viruses and legionella.

MicroHeat Electrode Direct Energy Transfer Electrochemical Water Disinfection technology provides the unique circumstance where disinfection species, such as Hydroxyls, are generated on the electrode surface that then mix with the water, disinfecting it and killing bacteria and viruses in both heated and cold water scenarios.


With MicroHeat’s new technology, water can be available at the drinking source that is safe from bacteria such as E.Coli, Salmonella and other dangerous viruses. This will lead to global plug in solutions that could be available to billions of people who need safe drinking water just to get by every day.

The electrochemical water treatment technology can also provide an efficient and reliable solution for the reduction of legionella bacteria in warm to hot water supplies where Legionnaires disease is a common outcome.

MicroHeat has validated that the water treatment technology does kill E.Coli. With the need for this type of solution all around the world, MicroHeat is poised to become a significant player in the water disinfection space.

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