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Kitchen, Bathroom & Industrial Tankless Hot Water Heaters

MicroHeat’s instantaneous water heaters not only heat up water, but they also provide the exact amount you want at the desired temperature as soon as you want it. They’re especially suited for fulfilling the frequent hot water applications of restaurant kitchens, bathrooms and industrial sites where space is limited. Our specialists can help you select a kitchen, bathroom or industrial electric tankless water heater that’s perfect for your water heating requirements.

Kitchen Hot Water Heaters

Restaurant kitchens are busy and demanding work environments that need to have quick and easy access to hot water at all times for various reasons, including dishwashing, cleaning purposes and more. Many kitchens use old and outdated water heating systems that might not work as well as they used to. If your kitchen needs a brand new electric water heater kitchen system that can produce continuous hot water instantaneously, get in touch with MicroHeat. We can supply you with a compactly designed tankless water heater for kitchen sink usage that won’t take up any space.

Bathroom Hot Water Heaters

All types of buildings, including schools, offices, warehouses and hospitals, need to have a bathroom with plumbing that can produce hot water when required. Understandably, businesses want a bathroom hot water heater that’s also cost-effective and energy efficient to help reduce their expenditure where possible. MicroHeat’s premium bathroom water heaters are electric and can produce a reliable and efficient source of hot water to any bathroom on your premises.

Industrial Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Getting a new state-of-the-art industrial electric tankless water heater is a highly recommended way for businesses to minimise their water and energy consumption on industrial sites. Every industrial tankless hot water heater that MicroHeat manufactures comes with in-built controls and simple-to-understand images that allow workers to quickly adjust the set temperature when necessary. Not only do they give users more control over the water temperature, but they also drastically reduce water and energy consumption, helping to minimise overall costs.

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      Guide To Water Heating Solutions
      Guide To Water Heating Solutions