MicroHeat Market Installations

Market Installations

MicroHeat’s leading installation flexibility

MicroHeat’s Electric Tankless Water Heaters can be installed into more diverse installations than other Electric Tankless Water Heaters. MicroHeat’s direct energy transfer method of heating water does not use heat exchange technology, hence does not experience thermal inertia. This technology advantage results in immediate and predictive temperature control. The list below tables the full range of water heating applications that MicroHeat products are ideally suited to.  Please contact us for more information.


Handwashing, Showers and hand basins                                     Kitchen, bar, utility sinks
Fixed and variable flow Single bathroom dwellings                   Ideal for multiple sensor or metering faucets
Eyewash fountains (unit can be software set)                              Multi-outlet Fixtures without cold water mixing
Double flow rate by installing in tandem/parallel Bidets          Low flow showers
Underfloor hydronic heating                                                           Reticulation circuits
Boosting existing water heating supplies                                      Boosting points off warm water ring mains
Building/facilities management system capable                         Heats water from water tanks
Low pressure pump water supplies                                                Heats water from gravity fed systems
Preheating water in advance of the central system                     Warm water for micro food processing
Heats water in long hot water runs                                                 Commercial hair washing
Preheat for dishwashers in hospitality                                           Photographic dark room warm water

MicroHeat’s Electric Tankless Water Heaters have been installed and validated across the full breath of the building industry and retrofit markets as follows.

Residential | Commercial | Industrial | Institutional | Public

Point-of-use                       Photographic darkroom                               Office buildings            Stores
Bathroom basins              Public and disabled ablution                       Petrol stations               Hotels/Motels
Kitchen sinks                     Low/Medium/High rise                               Townhouses                  Recreational Vehicles
Laundry areas                   Warehouses                                                     Restaurants                   Schools
Showers                              Manufacturing facilities Production tool heating circuits              Kindergartens
Whole of house                 Universities                                                     Cabins/cottages            Sheds
Outdoor BBQ areas         Gyms                                                                 Factories                         Micro bakeries
Pool side studios              Hair salons                                                      Churches                         Farms

Examples of installations showing how compact the units are and installation flexibility.