Water Heating

Electric Continuous Hot Water Systems

MicroHeat supplies two main types of electric continuous flow hot water systems, each of them available in a variety of different sizes to suit different requirements. Our two key products come in single phase and three phase options.

The Difference Between Single & Three Phase Water Heaters

The difference between the two types of electric continuous hot water systems comes down primarily to the environment in which they are used. A single phase electric hot water heater would be used mostly in domestic situations, while the three phase option is best suited to industrial and larger commercial enterprises. Both the single and three phase water heaters come in single and tandem unit installation options, enabling you to have access to continuous electric hot water any time of the day or night.

Single vs. Tandem Unit Installation

Both the single phase and three phase water heaters come available in single and tandem unit installation. The single installation electric hot water system (Series 1-10) is designed for use in smaller facilities; it’s ideal for providing continuous flow hot water for single or multiple hand basins, kitchenettes and laundrettes. If you’re looking to conserve water in the bathroom, it provides low flow pressure showers that save water and conserve heating energy.

Choose from the CFEWH Series 1-10P (premium) or CFEWH Series 1-10S (standard). The standard model has a preset maximum water temperature of 50oc and is not settable by the end user, while the premium model enables the user to set the water temperature between 20-50oc.

The tandem unit installation option (Series 1-20) for your electric hot water heater is better suited to larger sized applications. It can accommodate multiple hand basins and provide continuous hot water for kitchens, laundries and bathroom showers.

Both the single and tandem installation heaters can act as supplementary units to existing systems that provide electric continuous flow hot water. Contact MicroHeat today if you would like to find out more.