Smart Water Heater Technology

Water heating uses a significant amount of energy and is the second biggest user of household energy after heating and cooling. The constant need for hot water in bathrooms, laundries and kitchens all adds up and will be reflected on your energy bills.

MicroHeat is ahead of the curve when it comes to hot water heating technologies, allowing us to design and manufacture some of the best continuous hot water systems in the world. Our molecular water heating technology uses electrodes that use the natural electrically conductive properties of water, whereas most conventional electric water heaters rely on tanks that need to be constantly kept hot. This technology also prevents ourelectric continuous flow hot water systems from failing due to overheating or burnout.

With MicroHeat, you will get an electric continuous flow hot water system that uses the latest water heater technology, ensuring a system that’s heavy-duty, sustainable, safe to use and better than any other continuous flow hot water heater on the market. Our electrode direct energy transfer technology can also be used for electrochemical water disinfection applications, mixing the disinfection species that the electrode surface produces with the water, which disinfects it and eradicates any bacteria and viruses in both cold and heated water.

MicroHeat’s unique smart water heater technology is the beginning of the new generation of electric water and fluid energy transfer applications. Choosing the right system can make a major difference in regards to your energy costs and hot water needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a MicroHeat hot water heater really supply me with an endless amount of hot water?

Yes, it can. As the name suggests, our systems can heat up cold water on-demand on a continuous basis, meaning a tank isn’t needed.

How new is this technology?

Every MicroHeat continuous flow hot water heater includes brand new water heater technology that’s unlike any other type of water heating technology on the market.

What type of system is right for my building?

MicroHeat manufactures both centralised and point-of-use continuous hot water systems. You can book a consultation with one of our knowledgeable technicians who can explain how each type of system can save you money and recommend one that’s perfect for your needs.

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      Guide To Water Heating Solutions
      Guide To Water Heating Solutions