Electric Instant Hot Water Systems for Schools

From the science laboratories to the staff room and everywhere in between, the need for heated water to be delivered on demand safely in schools can span a vast array of uses and purposes. Making sure it’s always delivered safely is most important, so ensure you have a MicroHeat on demand electric tankless water heater for schools and you can be guaranteed energy efficient, heated water when you need it most. Boasting a plethora of safety features and superior performance, our instant water heater for schools can be relied on to provide accessible hot water, safely and reliably, across the entire campus.

The Benefits of Installing an Electric Instant Water Heater for Schools

Whether it’s powering the toilet blocks throughout the school grounds, or delivering instant hot water to the staff room kitchen, MicroHeat electric instant hot water systems for schools are easy to use, easy to maintain, and highly energy efficient (water is heated directly rather than by heating element). Because they’re tankless, they also take up much less space. For those worried about student safety, MicroHeat appliances include advanced water temperature control. The centisecond technology that monitors water heating 100x per second ensures that heated water is delivered reliably and consistently at the set temperature.

Speak with a Hot Water System Specialist Today

When it comes to finding the ideal electric tankless water heater for schools, MicroHeat has the perfect solution. To find out more, email us at or give our hot water system specialists a call on 1300 981 325.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a hot water system for schools heat water straightaway?

The water heating process starts as soon as someone turns the hot water tap on, and will stop once the tap has been turned off. It really is that simple.

Are these systems expensive to install?

No. MicroHeat manufactures instant hot water systems for schools that are competitively priced and make it unnecessary for your school to undergo expensive and disruptive hot water plumbing piping work. The technician we assign to install your unit will inform you of what your installation will require.

How can I purchase a water heater for my school?

MicroHeat can supply an electric tankless water heater for schools across Australia. Please get in touch with us today by phone or email or by visiting our contact us page to place your order.

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