SAE-E VTE magazine 2016

Liquid Innovation

Australian owned technology developer MicroHeat Technologies, has created a new and innovative type of instantaneous water heater.

The Continuous Flow Electric Water Heater (CFEWH) directly energises ‘conductive’ fluids (such as water or glycol) by making the fluid a ‘connecting wire’ between energised plates.

This means the desired fluid can be heated in a controlled, energy-efficient and instantaneous manner, without the need for overheated elements, or the risk of boiling dry.


Turning up the Heat

An Australia Invention is redefining the way water is heated and the result could lead to a reduction in Legionella, Too. Jeff Patchell Reports.


RMIT official media release The Fifth Estate-Study

Study: Gas hot water not the answer 1 October 2013 Gas hot water isn’t as sustainable as Point-of-use instant electric systems under many circumstances.


Life Cycle Assessment of Hot Water Delivery

28 May 2013

This report presents a peer-reviewed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), examining potential hot water systems (HWSs) in the built environment, for medium and high density apartment buildings. It compares the potential environmental impacts of either centralised or point of use hot water delivery within two buildings.


WME – Environment Business Media

A ‘whole-system’ approach to hot water.

An RMIT University investigation into the environmental impacts of hot water systems has revealed the need for greater flexibility in Australian building policies, writes Paula Wallace.

Researchers from RMIT’s Centre for Design have for the first time compared the impact across the life cycle of a gas centralised hot water system with a point-of-use instant electric system in medium and high density apartments.


CleanTek Market

Technology Review: Next Generation Electrical Water Heating Technology by MicroHeat

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