Three Phase Series 2 Water Heaters

Three Phase Water HeaterSystems

Shopping around for an electric water heating system that complements your hectic 21st century lifestyle? At MicroHeat, we proudly offer Three Phase instantaneous water heaters that can deliver instant hot water to all areas of your home or workplace. Our smart Phase 3 water heater systems are easy to install and only expend the necessary amount of energy required to get the job done.

This highly effective and efficient 3 Phase hot water system features no heating elements or tank, but does boast the most cutting-edge technologies including full digital controls and ‘set and forget’ temperature regulation features. You won’t be disappointed by the comfort, convenience and many other benefits that a3 Phase water heater from MicroHeat can provide.

Three Phase Solution – CFEWH Series 2 Features

Noticeably more powerful than our Single Phase heating system, our 3 Phase electric instantaneous water heater boasts some impressive features. These include:

  • CFEWH Series 2 power rating available in power rating from 15kW, 18kW, 21kW, 24kW, 27kW to 30 kW
  • The Footprint(A4) same as the CFEWH Series 1
  • Delivers minimum flow rate of 1.5 LPM with no maximum flow rate restriction
  • Options for units to be maximum settable from 20°C up to 65°C

Applicationsof 3 phase instant hot water heaters include but are not limited to:

  • Hand basins –multiple
  • Showers
  • Kitchens / laundries
  • Boosting for existing hot water installation – Such as tanks or to increase water temperatures in a ring main at the point of use.
  • Apartments / units
  • Residential homes
  • Commercial water heating solutions
  • Water heating for factories
  • Solar hot water system boosting

The Three Phase water heater comes ready to install in homes, apartments (high and low rise), office complexes, aged care facilities, shopping malls, and a wealth of other public and privately owned properties Melbourne wide. Contact MicroHeat today and experience the multitude of features and benefits of our revolutionary 3 Phase electric tankless water heater for yourself.

CFEWH SERIES Hot Water Output Temperatures/Flow Rate Tables

The incoming water temperature of our 3 Phase instantaneous hot water systems will vary during summer and winter. The following tables show the hot water flow rates at various inbound water temperatures for each of the 3 Phase hot water heater models available.

* In accordance with AS 3500 Section 1.9.2 and Section 1.9.3. No tempering or thermostatic mixing
valves are required for personal hygiene sanitary fixtures other than stipulated in Section 1.9.2 (a).

Important : “Electric instantaneous electric hot water Three Phase heaters may draw high levels of power, but only for relatively very short periods of time when compared to electric storage tank water heaters. The wiring rules accommodate this difference by applying a calculation where the power demand requirement can be reduced by as much as 66%.”

Refer : AS/NZS 3000:2018 Electrical installation (Wiring Rules), Appendix C, Circuit Arrangements.

Installation instructions for a 3 Phase tankless water heater must be followed correctly as per the CFEWH Installation manual. In addition, the installation of a 3 phase electric water heater must conform to current electrical wiring and plumbing standards.

Three Phase Series 2 Brochure

Three Phase Installation Manual

Installation Warning – Plumbing

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