MicroHeat is seeking further investment for growth

MicroHeat Technologies is an Australian-owned company that has world class PCT patented electric water heating and water disinfection technology.

The MicroHeat CFEWH product is a tankless, continuous flow, instant water heating appliance. The Technology safely and efficiently combines molecular (ohmic) heating with advanced digital control technology.

MicroHeat is on the cusp of commercialising their next global innovation in electric continuous flow water heating solutions. MicroHeat also have an exciting cold and hot water technology application that will make drinking water safe  and economically available to billions of people globally, Here, MicroHeat has a uniquely associated Electrochemical Water Disinfection technology that’s capable of killing bacteria and viruses commonly found in reticulated water.

To achieve the global growth curve that will follow from the above, MicroHeat is seeking strategic investment.

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