A better performance water heating technology

MicroHeat’s Globally Patented Next Generation Technology

MicroHeat technology schematic

MicroHeat’s direct energy transfer technology has been successfully applied to on-demand, continuous-flow, electric water heating which is a world first.

Unlike conventional electric water heaters, MicroHeat’s molecular heating technology does not rely on heating elements. Instead uses MicroHeat’s patented direct energy transfer technology via the use of electrodes. This technology exploits the natural electrically conductive properties of water.  Hence, does not suffer the same failures as  existing heating element technologies, such as overheating, burnout, and scale.

Continuous flow hot and warm water temperatures are delivered safely and continuously and are controlled via a digital system that repeatedly monitors and reacts to changes in the characteristics of the water being heated 100 times a second.

With MicroHeat you get a completely new generation of continuous flow hot water products that are safe, sustainable, robust and that are technologically ahead of the competition.

MicroHeat Electrode Direct Energy Transfer Technology provides a unique circumstance for Electrochemical Water Disinfection Applications .  Here, disinfection species, such as Hydroxyls are generated on the electrode surface that then mix with the water, disinfecting it by killing bacteria and viruses in both heated and cold water scenarios.

There are  many other applications available to the technology that includes the replacement of sheathed element and bare element heating systems found in multiple applications and industries.  This unique technology forms the basis of the next generation of electric water and fluid energy transfer applications.

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