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Boiling Water Dispensor (Currently looking for development partners)

MicroHeat is in the process of applying its proprietary fluid heating technology to the development of Continuous Flow Boiling Water Dispensor (CFBWD) products. It is envisaged that this will be the most energy and water efficient boiling water dispenser product on the market, with continuous flow.

We are currently looking for development partners to co-develop and deliver the first continuous flow boiling water dispenser to the market.

By design, the product is actually a “near” boiling point appliance, that continuously dispenses water up to 98°C, at flow rates from as low as 0.4 litres per minute up to 5 litres per minute, depending on the rated power. The development will deliver a solution for both Single phase and Three phase power supplies. The products will deliver an operational heating efficiency of 99.9%, with minimal standby energy loss (typically less than 1 W).

The design is ultra-compact and simple. Installation is straightforward in most environments, requiring cold-water supplied from either mains water or tank, with simply a hot water outlet and a connection to electrical power being required.

It’s ideal for hot beverage preparation in residential kitchens, office kitchens, industrial canteens, small food service outlets, caravans and mobile homes. It’s also suited to assist in food preparation within any type of domestic or commercial kitchen.

High density residential apartment blocks, commercial office blocks, hospitals and aged care facilities would preferably have this product installed during the initial fit-out, as an integral part of the kitchen plumbing and electrical infrastructure.

Maintenance costs are likely to set new low benchmarks, as this product will be designed, manufactured and tested for durability and standards compliance in the same way as the existing MicroHeat Continuous Flow Electric Water Heater (CFEWH) products.

We are actively seeking development partners to assist with the commercialisation of the CFBWD boiling water dispenser range. If your organisation is interested in exploring this opportunity, please contact us by using the Contact us e-form

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