CFEWH Options

MicroHeat electric instant water heater product options

Save Energy, Save Water
Single unit installation – CFEWH Series 1-10


Single phase system suitable for:

  • Hand basins – Single and Multiple
  • Low flow shower – Save even more energy & water!
  • Kitchenettes / laundrettes
  • Boosting for existing hot water installations



Tandem CFEWH installation – CFEWH Series 1-20


Single phase that delivers Three phase flow rates suitable for:

  • Hand basins – Multiple
  • Showers
  • Kitchens / laundries
  • Boosting for existing hot water installations




The ‘Premium’ unit can be set by the consumer/installer to deliver warm to hot water anywhere from 20°C to 50°C.

The ‘Standard’ unit is factory set to deliver up to 50°C and water temperature is not consumer/installer settable.

Installation instructions must be followed correctly as per CFEWH Installation  Manual. Installation must conform to current electrical wiring and plumbing standards

If you require any further information or to buy the MicroHeat CFEWH Series 1, please contact us:
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