When you need to provide Safe water temperature.
For Government and Infrastructure

Water Heater for Commercial Use

When it comes to large scale infrastructure and government premises, the need for ongoing, instantaneous hot water is essential. If a project finds itself under heavy scrutiny, one of the easiest ways to get the public and other stakeholders on your side is to demonstrate the ways in which you are reducing your impact on the environment and minimising your budgetary spending. The energy you use to heat water is one such way to demonstrate this, and MicroHeat is able to help you with effective and energy efficient commercial water heater systems.

Safe Solutions for Any Government or Commercial Premises

MicroHeat specialises in the supply and installation of water heaters for commercial use on large scale premises and projects. If you require compact, user friendly solutions that seamlessly work with established layouts and facilities, we offer a variety of options to suit all requirements. Our water heater commercial units are designed to effectively service tenants occupying commercial premises, delivering efficient direct energy heated water that provides benefits by reducing water wastage and energy bills while supporting planet environmentally as well. Discover the difference our water heater systems can make to your commercial premises in any capital city, or across Australia.

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