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Home Hot Water Systems

As a home owner, one of the bare minimum expectations you’ll have is that your hot water will work effectively when you need it to. Whether in the kitchen, the bathroom or in the laundry, hot water needs to be quick to heat up and needs to run continuously and consistently. But in the 21st century, that is no longer enough; our home hot water systems also need to be energy efficient and cost-effective too. The home electric water heater range from MicroHeat ticks all of these boxes; discover why so many homeowners in Melbourne are making the change to MicroHeat.

Benefits of the MicroHeat Home Electric Water Heater

MicroHeat home hot water systems provide home owners with a wealth of advantages that not only benefit your home, but your hip pocket as well. No longer will you be pouring money down the drain as you wait for your water to heat up, with the point-of-use installation features of our home electric water heater systems providing you with instant continuous hot water when you need it. Easy to use and taking up minimal space in your home, our water heating systems provide home owners with a smart, sustainable option, made right here in Australia to Australian standards.

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With a selection of single phase home hot water systems that are ideal for residential properties, you’re sure to find one that suits your requirements amongst our range. Get in touch with MicroHeat in Melbourne to find out more. Email us at or call us now on 1300 981 325.