For a hot water system That’s easy to install.
For Plumbers and Electricians

On Demand Water Heating Solutions for Plumbers & Electricians

When plumbers and electricians are tasked with recommending an on demand electric water heater for domestic or commercial use, they typically look for a system that is reliable, energy efficient, safe, and capable of providing hot water instantly. They’re not always easy to come by, which is why it’s lucky that MicroHeat offers an on demand hot water heater that ticks all those boxes.

Compact Design with Winning Features

Easy to install and boasting a compact design that can fit under the sink or by the bathroom without taking up unnecessary space.  The MicroHeat on demand water heating system doesn’t use heating elements to heat the water, rather heats the water directly.

To ensure the safety of all users, hot and warm water temperatures are delivered by way of a digital system that constantly monitors and reacts to changes in the characteristics of the water being heated 100 times a second. Check our products page to look at our on demand water heater electric systems in greater detail.

Install the System that Makes You Look Good

MicroHeat specializes in the supply of high-quality, energy efficient on demand hot water heaters to plumbers and electricians across Melbourne looking for a solution that works well for them and their clients. To find out how we can help you, email or call us on 1300 981 325.