Purchase Enquiries

Purchase Enquiries – Important Information for When You Buy a Water Heater

At MicroHeat, we receive a wide range of questions from people and businesses looking to buy electric water heaters for their premises. No doubt you might have some of these same questions, so we’ve tried to address some of them here.

MicroHeat has been a leading supplier of water heating systems in Melbourne since 2013. Local businesses and government agencies come to us when they’re looking to buy water heaters for the likes of schools, hospitals, apartment blocks, multi storey office buildings, government projects and more. We provide energy efficient solutions that deliver continuous flow hot water quickly, whether it’s for the kitchen sink, the shower, or elsewhere on the premises. Buy an electric heater for hot water and discover the difference for yourself!

Now Delivering Nationwide

MicroHeat has now expanded beyond Melbourne and greater Victoria to offer nationwide service. If you’d like to buy electric water heaters or enquire about continuous flow hot water systems prices across the border, or across the country, we can help you out. We’re also making a move into the domestic electric water heater market as well.

Check out our product range to see what we have to offer, and if you have any further questions you need answered before you buy water heaters for your premises, call us on (03) 9545 0722 or email info@microheat.com.au.

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