Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Electric Water Heater

Hot water is essential in almost any environment, from homes and hospitals through to schools and city office blocks. The one thing that the above environments have in common is that they all operate according to a budget, so any opportunity to reduce spending is always welcome. MicroHeat provides an excellent solution with a tankless on demand water heater that provides you with instant hot water when you need it while reducing your energy spend. You’ll be glad you made the change!

How Does the Tankless Hot Water System Work?

Unlike a hot water tank that uses elements to heat water, the MicroHeat tankless electric water heater uses direct energy transfer technology. This provides a far more energy efficient alternative to element heating, as the energy transforms completely into heat without producing any pollutant side products. A heating element has a slower response time, doesn’t generate 100% heat energy, and can produce scaling that can affect the water. There’s also the obvious aesthetic benefit of a tankless water heater, as it requires much less space and is a far less obtrusive option.

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MicroHeat is your go-to team for the supply and installation of tankless on demand water heaters in Melbourne and across Australia. While we concentrate on large scale projects such as schools, hospitals and government projects, we are increasingly looking towards tankless water heater installations for homes across the metropolitan area as well. To see if we can help you, email info@microheat.com.au or call us on (03) 9545 0722.

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