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fluid-heater-automotiveAutomotive Fluid Heater module for Glycol circuits

(Currently looking for development partners)

MicroHeat can effectively apply the patented Fluid Heating Technology as a Fluid Heater for Glycol circuits for combustion, electric and hybrid vehicle glycol systems that currently use glycol or other water mixture fluid as the heating medium.

MicroHeat technology can be readily applied to existing water/glycol heating systems to provide a fast, accurate, and efficient vehicle heating solution that has improved efficency and reduced maintenance.

The solution combines with a heat exchange circuit to deliver heated air into the cabin or can be used as a heated water/glycol temperature control system in traditional combustion engines.

In this instance the capability can provide engine pre-heating for cold climates and or water/glycol heating system temperature boosting. The technology can be powered by either low of high voltage battery supplies.

MicroHeat technology advantages when compared to existing technologies include size and weight reduction, optimised heating energy usage that conserves battery life, combined with accurate and responsive heating temperature control. These advantages are provided without inherent heating element failures such as unresponsive and inaccurate temperature control, burn out and stress corrosion.
We are actively seeking development partners to assist with the commercialisation of the heat generator across the automotive vehicle (Light and heavy), RV and caravan markets.

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