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The Architect’s Choice of Compact Water Heater

Whether designing a suburban apartment block, a CBD corporate office or an exhibition centre, there are some universal basics that architects understand must be standard inclusions in their designs.  Running hot water is one of those basic requirements.  Now it’s one thing to accommodate a compact water heater in your design, but in an age of environmental responsibility and sustainable living, it’s important to choose the right compact water heater for your project. MicroHeat is Melbourne’s premier small water heater specialist, providing architects with numerous options to suit any scale architectural project – large or small.

Small Water Heater Benefits and Advantages

You can enjoy a multitude of benefits when you incorporate a MicroHeat small water heater into your architectural design. Whether you opt for our single or three phase powered water heater (single phase is better suited to low flow hot water requirements, while three phase is more suitable for high flow, larger industrial and commercial projects), you’ll discover our products come at an affordable price without compromising on quality. They are easy to install, meet Australian standards for sustainability, and can facilitate the reduction of the project’s carbon footprint. A MicroHeat compact water heater will also reduce your infrastructure requirements, making it a smart choice for architects everywhere.

* In accordance with AS 3500 Section 1.9.2 and Section 1.9.3. No tempering or thermostatic mixing
valves are required for personal hygiene sanitary fixtures other than stipulated in Section 1.9.2 (a).


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