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Water Heating Systems for Builders & Developers

Are you a builder or property developer with clients asking for the latest hot water systems that offer an instant and continuous flow of hot water? At MicroHeat, we offer a range of instantaneous and continuous flow hot water systems for builders and developers. Clients who want to build homes or businesses that feature the latest innovations in water heating will be lining up to choose you as their suppler and installer. From great savings in utility costs through to amazing environmental benefits, there’s every reason to get a MicroHeat water heater.

A Quality Selection of Water Heaters & Accessories

Whether their background is in commercial or residential construction, builders have seen many changes and evolutions in the construction industry over the years. Many developers are opting for a ‘less is more’ approach, looking towards modern product and service providers that offer more energy-efficient, sustainable and cost-effective solutions as their primary selling point. If you’re a commercial or residential builder looking for wholesale electric water heating systems for developers and builders to install into your current project, you won’t be disappointed bywhatMicroHeathas to offer. We’re proud to have a quality selection of instantaneous water heaters for builders along with accessories to provide continuous hot water to your newly built premises all day, every day.

The Advantages of Installing a MicroHeat Water Heater

Electric tankless hot water heaters for developers and builders offer a variety of benefits you might not have considered. You’ll discover that our wholesale water heater range is comprised of options that are relatively compact in size, meaning the unit won’t take up much space and can be easily installed into areas already designed into the plan. They also won’t need a gas line.

Choose between a single-phase or three-phase electric water heater. Single unit single-phase installations are typically better suited to low flow environments, while dual single-phase units (namely Tandem installations) or three-phase heaters are more frequently installed into high flow environments (typically required in industrial and larger commercial premises). Both the single and dual unit systems are easy to install and will require less work and reduced infrastructure.

Make MicroHeat Your Water Heater of Choice

For building projects both large and small, ensure you make the right choice when it comes to hot water installation. Make a wise decision and choose our tankless hot water heaters for builders and developers. Give us a call on 1300 981 325 or email to find out more.

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      Guide To Water Heating Solutions
      Guide To Water Heating Solutions